Very happy with the results!

This Company did a wonderful Job on my kitchen countertops! Their turnaround was really fast and I loved how they gave me an option to visit their suppliers to pick out the color that I wanted. We are lucky enough to receive a service for a highly competitive price that is so outstanding that we write about it both to recognize the company. I do recommend these guys a lot. Very happy with the results!

James C.

Very happy with the results!

Granite Sale Richmond did an AMAZING job with our new granite countertops! We met with them on Monday, they came and measured Tuesday, and was installed by Friday!! The installation went very smoothly, took away the old countertop and was very precise when installing the new granite. They didn’t just come in throw some glue down and leave, they took their time and made sure all the seams matched up evenly and level. Great job!!!

Mila L.


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Blackjack weapon

Blackjack as a weapon

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Using a blackjack as a weapon

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Blackjack a weapon

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Blackjack and weapon

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Granite Sale Richmond of Richmond’s the largest importer, fabricator and installer of premium and exotic granite countertops serving Richmond and surrounding areas. we specialize in design and fabrication of high-end kitchen Granite countertops, Marble vanity tops and stone fireplace surrounds. Our experience and thousands of installations gives Granite Sale Richmond the knowledge and skills to transform your ideas into finely crafted masterpieces.